Monday, January 26, 2009

1st month being married

To be honest, there are lots things to adjust. However, I am so much happier now that Steve is with me every day.

Saturday, I got up and started making crepes. This tradition has been established since we've been dating. And that is one of the things that we really enjoy to do together. This saturday, i let Steve sleep. He seem pretty tired, and i didn't want to wake him. He came out after smelling the yummy creps, and he helped me to cut some bananas for it. Then he helped me to clean up the whole kitchen. If I cook, he cleans up.. it's a pretty good deal~!

Yesterday we had our first guest in our new apartment! it was quite exciting! Nikki and Jordan came over for dinner, and we made some dumplings for Chinese new year. Yes, it is the year of ox, and I am currently 24 years old! The Chinese zodiac signs rotate every 12 years with 12 different animal signs... if that makes sense.

Dinner was really fun, and Nikki asked me what was the best thing of being married. Being me, the first thing that came out from my mouth was " it's great to have sex!" I was just being blunt, but in all reality, there are much more to tell her. I thought about it after she left, and I came up with some other thoughts.

Here are some of the best things of being married for me
  1. I get to see Steve every day ( we were aprt for the past 1 1/2 years)
  2. Steve is always there for me when I come home
  3. There's always someone there to listen to you, comfort you, laugh with you, being silly with you... someone to bicker with. someone to snuggle with, someone to love, and love back.
  4. someone to explain things to me, and don't think i am an idiot
  5. Someone to go to the temple with
  6. i have a permanent date
  7. I can make food for two, and not have to worry about left overs.
  8. two is always better than one.
  9. I want to be better for Steve
I just feel so bless to have met Steve, and married him. He is one of the bestest thing that has ever happen in my life. Finding someone that you can just be you when you are around them is such a fabulous blessing. No guessing, no game playing, just the original Steve and Jenn. No other things added.

Being married is great, but you got to find a balance of having your own time for both the husband and wife. I think it's very important to have your own space, so you can grow, improve yourself , then grow together.

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