Friday, September 4, 2009

Married Ward continue...

Someone made a comment on my blog, about the screaming children during sacrament meeting. Here is her response.

Sylvia said...

I stumbled across your blog while trying to find a hamster picture for mine...I do agree with you about kids being loud during sacrament but one day you'll be the one someone is blogging about too. Our Heavenly Father loves all his children, especially the little ones...even the ones who talk and cry during sacrament :)

Maybe, just maybe. Someone will be blogging about my children, hopefully something good. Because of what I learned in my current ward, I have decide I will do my best to teach my children to be reverent during the sacrament meeting. And I will take my children out of the sacrament hall when they are screaming, so others can worship reverently.

Here is what I found.

"...We encourage reverence when we take a crying child out of the chapel and find another room where we continue to listen to the meeting until the baby is calmed or a disruptive toddler is soothed..."
" ...A toddler can learn to fold his arms and get ready for prayer. But it takes time, patience, and consistency. Remember that we are not only teaching a child his first lessons in reverence, but the child may be mastering his first attempts at self-discipline..."
Margaret S. Lifferth, “Respect and Reverence,” Liahona, May 2009, 11–13)

Read the complete article.

Who am I to judge another when I walk imperfectly....

to be continued....

True Happiness

I truly believe that god gave us a way, Jesus Christ. So, we can follow his example, and return to our heaven father. I believe the only way to be happy on earth, is to do what God asked us to do. The only way to be happy, is through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Steve and I decided, that we will read one chapter a night. We started last night at 9pm, and I hope we will keep on going. We'll keep on trying to be better, and if we fail, we'll try again tomorrow. As long as we are better today than yesterday, I think we are on the right track.

I am a convert, (since age 12) there are many things I still don't understand. The scripture stories that Steve learned and heard since he was kid, and his mission has benefited him more understanding of the scriptures. It was really fun reading the scripture with him last night, because he'll paraphrase the verse. And it sounded like this, ".... the people were freaking out about the sign....they were running around like crazy.... bad people dropped to their knees... " Hence, maybe that's why God didn't ask Steve to keep a record of scriptures. It might have sound too gangster-ish.

Good day, nice to read Nephi 3 and I recently learned that Nephi 3 and Nephi 4 were two different guy name Nephi in different time. Father and son deal.

Steve just made the scripture come alive, and I can see it as a movie in my head when he gangster talk the scripture.

good times! good stuff~~