Sunday, February 22, 2009

Married Ward

We are in a married ward with many newly weds, and new babies. There are also many todlers who can't sit still through the whole hour of sacrament. Some parents needs to know the noise level of their children will disturb others who are worshiping. How rude it is to let your shrieking kid stay in a congregation when you could have taken them out, and take care of them outside? Just because you can stand your high pitch shrieking kid doesn't mean that others can.

There was a kid who was sitting across the from us, he was so well behaved. he sat in his mom's arm, and just talked to her quietly. I was just looking at this little cute boy with long curly blond hair, and probably blue or green eyes. I notice that he dresses really well, and his cloths probably aren't from america. well, i would say not from american parents. Something struck me while i was studying his cloths, he wasn't speaking in English. The first thought i had was, " is it french?" and the answer was no. Then i listen closely, he was speaking fluent German!! I compliment the mom after the service, and told her how wonderful her boy behaved during the meeting.

to be continued..